Deliberative Democracy and the Institutions of Judicial Review-Christopher F. Zurn

  • Title: Deliberative Democracy and the Institutions of Judicial Review
  • Author: Christopher F. Zurn
  • Released: 2009-07-18
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  • Pages: 0
  • ISBN: 0511498748
  • ISBN13: 978-0511498749
  • ASIN: 0511498748


Review "Zurn is at his best and most interesting when engaged in exegetical analysis of the thought of others who have written on judicial review. Their work is treated fairly, engaged sympathetically, and analyzed perceptively." - James A. Gardner, University at Buffalo Law School, The Law and Politics Book Review

"This book is imaginatively conceived, well written and researched, and tightly argued."
- Christian Barry, Australian National University, Ethics

Book Description Christopher F. Zurn shows why a normative theory of deliberative democratic constitutionalism yields the best understanding of the legitimacy of constitutional review. He further argues that this function should be institutionalized in a complex, multi-location structure including not only independent constitutional courts, but also legislative and executive self-review. pdf