Building Embedded Linux Systems-Karim Yaghmour

  • Title: Building Embedded Linux Systems
  • Author: Karim Yaghmour
  • Released: 2003-04-22
  • Language:
  • Pages: 416
  • ISBN: 059600222X
  • ISBN13: 978-0596002220
  • ASIN: 059600222X


Review "The lessons learnt using this book alongside systems such as the IPAQ will certainly pay off." - Martin Howse, LinuxUser & Developer, issue 31 "This book should be essential reading for embedded system designers at all levels of experience who intend to use Linux in current or future projects. The only other thing you need is an internet connection to download the source code of components that are used." Industrial Networking & Open Control, June 2003

About the Author

Karim Yaghmour is the founder and president of Opersys Inc. (, a company providing expertise and courses on the use of open source and free software in embedded systems. Being himself an active member of the open source and free software community, Karim has firmly established Opersys's services around the core values of knowledge sharing and technical quality promoted by this community. As part of his community involvement, Karim is the maintainer of the Linux Trace Toolkit and the author of a series of white-papers that led to the implementation of the Adeos nanokernel, which allows multiple operating systems to exist side-by-side. Karim's quest for understanding how things work started at a very young age when he took it upon himself to break open all the radios and cassette players he could lay his hands on in order to "fix" them. Very early, he developed a keen interest in operating system internals and embedded systems. He now holds a B.Eng. and an M.A.Sc. from the cole Polytechnique de Montral. While everyone was hacking away at Linux, Karim even took a detour to write his own distributed micro-kernel in order to get to the bottom of operating system design and implementation. When not working on software, Karim indulges in his passion for history, philosophy, sociology, and humanities in general. He's especially addicted to essays and novels by Umberto Eco and Gerald Messadi.