Eco-Shui Remodeling Tips for a Healthy & Happy Home (DesignLEAN)-

  • Title: Eco-Shui Remodeling Tips for a Healthy & Happy Home (DesignLEAN)
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About the Author DeAnna Radaj, an eco-shui designer & creator of DesignLEAN DeAnna Radaj can enter a space and help to tweak (or remodel, re-design) the space to work better to suit its function AND the lifestyle of the occupants of the space. Using Integrative Lifestyle Design (eco-shui), life quality can be increased AND be supportive to any transitions occurring, lifestyle changes or health challenges.

She is an "Eco-Shui" designer, writer & consultant who helps those who are looking to lead a more healthy, balanced & proactive lifestyle.  Unlike other interior designers or Feng Shui practitioners (besides a specialized focus on BEDROOMS & OFFICES), DeAnna integrates the Western (eco-friendly, universal, sustainable) & Eastern (Feng Shui) design principles & techniques, combined with goal-setting (12+ years in corporate before starting Bante Design LLC & creating DesignLEAN) & clutter-busting exercises to create healthy & supportive indoor environments.  Spaces that reflect the lifestyle & goals of her clients, as well as helping them "design the life of their dreams".

Designing spaces that are not only beautiful and comfortable, but also bring out the client's personality, is her design philosophy.  She states that she is in the business of "improving the relationship that you have with your home" if you're ready to divorce your space, CONTACT US for some Design Counseling!  She promises that no matter what, you'll have as "healthy, efficient, productive & supportive space" as she can design for you (with your budget & time considerations) for you to start living the life of your dreams.

***DeAnna is also a frequent contributor to, DivaToolbox and has also appeared on SHAPE,, NYDailyNews, LowesForPros,, & Better Homes & Gardens.***