Backwoods Home Magazine #139 - Jan/Feb 2013-

  • Title: Backwoods Home Magazine #139 - Jan/Feb 2013
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  • Released: 2013-01-01
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  • Pages: 152
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Back issue no. 139 contains articles on: Chickens; Broody biddies make sense on the homestead; Home air pistol range; Put a rope handle on your splitting maul; Quick, easy, and cheap tire repairs; Late winter whiteout: Fishing for white bass; Building your chicken coop; Building and using wattle fences; Plant a tree in the name of love; The chicken and the egg; Canning chicken; Food security 101, part 2; Roast your own coffee; Cajeta – a sweet goats’ milk treat; and Chicken can make you sick. Plus, Dave Duffy writes about preparing for a temporary catastrophe; Massad Ayoob discusses Appleseed marksmanship events; John Silveira writes of the coming ice age; and as usual, Jackie Clay answers readers’ questions about canning legumes, making stock from bones, storing meat in fat, and moving plants. pdf