Writing CGI Applications with Perl-Kevin Meltzer, Brent Michalski

  • Title: Writing CGI Applications with Perl
  • Author: Kevin Meltzer, Brent Michalski
  • Released: 2001-02-25
  • Language:
  • Pages: 560
  • ISBN: 0201710145
  • ISBN13: 978-0201710144
  • ASIN: 0201710145


From the Back Cover

Writing CGI Applications with Perl offers the most practical examples of applying Web programming techniques to real world problems I've seen yet. The text blends good CGI programming techniques, idiomatic Perl, and databases into many large and useful examples. Careful attention is paid to demonstrating solid, scalable code for production use. This is not your typical 'Hello, World' CGI programming book.
--Clinton Pierce, Perl trainer and author of Teach Yourself Perl in 24 Hours

With its sophisticated database, network, and multi-platform capabilities, the Perl programming language has emerged as an ideal tool for developing CGI-based Web applications.

Writing CGI Applications with Perl shows you how to use Perl to accomplish the most vital tasks needed for today's online applications. Using numerous examples, line-by-line code explanations, and skill-stretching exercises, this book not only provides useful cut-and-paste code for your own programs, but it also teaches you practical skills and techniques that will enable you to develop any kind of CGI-based Web application with Perl.

Focusing on the most important areas of Web application development, including database interaction, form and file handling, security, e-mail, and graphics, the book provides in-depth coverage of such specific topics as:

  • Working with HTML Web forms and obtaining user input
  • Cookies, tracking clicks, and access counters
  • Using the mod_perl Apache module
  • Connecting to a POP3 server for e-mail
  • Perl DBI and databases on the Web
  • Tying a hash to a database
  • Embedding Perl in HTML with HTML::Mason
  • Remote file management via the Web
  • Creating dynamic images
  • XML and its derivatives, RSS and RDF

In addition, introductory material is provided for newcomers to CGI or Perl. Numerous appendices include handy references as well as a guide to Perl documentation. A companion Web site, http://www.perlcgi-book.com, contains the code for all the examples.

Geared toward the needs of today's professional Web developers, Writing CGI Applications with Perl provides the specific tools, experienced-based techniques, and overall concepts necessary for quality Web application development.


About the Author

Kevin Meltzer has been using Perl since the early '90s for everything from CGI and system administration to database migrations and report generation. He considers himself a "Perl evangelist," and is the founder of the Hartford Perl Mongers (although he now resides in Florida). Kevin has been published in The Perl Journal, and is the judge of their annual Perl Poetry Contest. He is now working for Verio, Inc. as a Perl developer/engineer.

Brent Michalski discovered Perl around 1994 and has been programming in it ever since. He considers himself a "Perl freak" and loves sharing Perl with others. Brent mainly develops CGI applications because he enjoys the Web so much. He has written articles for Web Review, and currently maintains the Perl area on the Dr. Dobb's Journal Web site. Brent is a senior developer at MasterCard International where they let him play with Perl every day.

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