Backwoods Home Magazine #107 - Sept/Oct 2007-

  • Title: Backwoods Home Magazine #107 - Sept/Oct 2007
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  • Released: 2007-09-01
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  • Pages: 159
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Back issue no. 107 contains: Build a small shop or garden tool shed cheap; Playing goose fiddle; Building the coyote rifle; Shelves and benches; Build a homemade boot scraper; Kick the credit card habit and learn to stash cash; Haymaking the old way (mostly); Dim bulbs in California; My permanent onion patch; Pumpkins bring on the goodness of autumn; Propagating grapes; Picture perfect picnic; and Big cities – love ‘em or hate ‘em, they benefit us all! Plus, Dave Duffy writes about the notion that self-reliance equals freedom; John Silveira discusses “peak oil”; Massad Ayoob instructs readers in backyard shooting drills; and Jackie Clay answers readers’ questions about natural cleaners, canning black beans, freezing venison, spicy luncheon loaf, baking with nut butter, preserving squash, natural bug repellent, storing tomatoes in oil, and prairie turnips. pdf