Fast Ethernet: Dawn of a New Network-Howard Johnson

  • Title: Fast Ethernet: Dawn of a New Network
  • Author: Howard Johnson
  • Released: 1995-09-20
  • Language:
  • Pages: 336
  • ISBN: 0133526437
  • ISBN13: 978-0133526431
  • ASIN: 0133526437


From the Inside Flap Fast Ethernet is the 100-million-bit-per-second successor to the world's most popular local area network, Ethernet. It resembles 10BASE-T, the most widely deployed form of Ethernet, only it runs ten times faster. Fast Ethernet is the newest and most powerful addition to the Ethernet family of local area network standards.


--> If you buy, install, or maintain Ethernet, this book will equip you with penetrating questions to ask your vendor about Fast Ethernet productsthe kind of questions that prevent installation mistakes and save you money.

--> If you set company strategy or plan network growth, the details about future developments will show you where Fast Ethernet technology is going.

--> If you sell (or sell against) Fast Ethernet, the point-by-point analysis of competing high-speed networks will show you which networks best suit which applications.


The chapters are each self-contained and may be read in any order. Each section ends with a summary of its most important tips and hints.

Chapter 1 Origin of 10 Mb/s Ethernet, why it developed, how Fast Ethernet emerged

Chapter 2 Overview of the Fast Ethernet product family, its architecture and applications

Chapter 3 Interpretive guide to the Fast Ethernet standard, with detailed explanations of its options and features

Chapter 4 Introduction to worldwide building wiring standards, and guidelines for wiring a building so it will work with Fast Ethernet

Chapter 5 Compendium of future trends in local area networking, including switching, full duplex, multimedia, flow control, new link transmission technologies, and WAN issues

Chapter 6 Pros and cons of Fast Ethernet versus other networks

Chapter 7 Technical explanation of collision domain timing and its impact on network configuration

Chapter 8 Collected references, including a list of good books, a glossary, instructions for ordering standards, and a catalog of supplements to the Ethernet standard


No treatment of Ethernet would be complete without paying tribute to the many hardworking individuals who created the Ethernet standards. Without open, publicly accessible standards, the networking business would not be where it is today.


We have done our best to provide an accurate and complete guide to the Fast Ethernet standard. Still, the fine folks at the IEEE standards office would like to remind you that this book is not an official definition of Fast Ethernet or any other stan dard. To obtain the complete text of the Fast Ethernet standard, or other local area networking standards, please consult the sources included in Chapter 8.

About the Author Howard W. Johnson is President of Olympic Technology Group, Inc. of Redmond, Washington, a digital electronic design and consulting organization. Working on behalf of 3Com, Apple, ROLM, Tektronix, and other leading companies, Dr. Johnson has played a major role in the development of many high-speed digital products. He is also the author of High-Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic, published by Prentice-Hall. pdf