The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook: Eddie will do whatever it takes to become her Mr. Right-Matt Dunn

  • Title: The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook: Eddie will do whatever it takes to become her Mr. Right
  • Author: Matt Dunn
  • Released: 2010-11-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 368
  • ISBN: 1402243456
  • ISBN13:
  • ASIN: B0058M6CJS


Review Dunn's book is funny and sweet. Tonewise, it has more in common with Sophie Kinsella's "Shopaholic" series than, say, Nick Hornby's lad lit. Recommended for readers of modern romance. (Library Journal 20101123)

I loved this book. The premise had me from the start. I love that this novel was written by a man and the storyline is the typical "chick lit" story with a man as the protagonist instead. The novel digs into the inner workings of a man to show that he is a well rounded being with feelings too, not just the loser or prize of most "chick lit" or romance novels.

(Laura's Reviews 20101124)

The book was a fast, light read...amusing and enjoyable. (Life...With Books 20101130)

So rarely do you read books where it's the men who feel they need to get into better shape or put in the effort that is usually ascribed to women in order to be successful romantic. I really appreciated that this book puts it out there – that men need to make an effort too and that romance is a two-way street. (Steph & Tony Investigate 20101201)

Fun and easy to read, but the best part that both and women could really enjoy this one.
(Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell 20101202)

Can simply be called the Bridget Jones Diary for men.
( 20101122)

The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook is something everyone should read. It really makes you think about how differently each person in a relationship can feel. My heart went out to both characters, especially because this is something that happens all the time. I loved Matt's writing and I'm looking forward to reading his other books.

(Readaholic 20101212)

I love chick lit. And chick lit written by a man? I'm hooked. Matt Dunn has written an absolutely hilarious, insightful, and entertaining book...Even if you're not a big chick lit fan, The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook will make you forget why you didn't like the genre in the first place. (The Book Chick 20101217)

This book had me laughing and wanting to share this book with my friends. (Cheryl's Book Nook 20101220)

This was a fun, light read. Rather like Bridget Jones for men. (Broken Teepee 20110110)

The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook is a refreshing chick-lit page-turner. Witty, wildly entertaining and a fresh perspective coming from the man's point of view, this one is a sure-fire hit!

(Minding Spot 20110110)

Matt Dunn's The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook is a fun read, so if you want the male perspective pick this one up. (Aisle B 20110113)

This book was hilarious and I loved it. A totally fun read, with a nice romantic aspect to it and great characters. (Palmer's Picks for Reading 20110113)

It's a sweet book and, seriously, Edward is one of the most easy characters to root for. It has a touch of the Biggest Loser sensibility...If you'd like to give chick lit another go, I think you'll enjoy the change in the cast of characters that the author, Matt Dunn, has to offer. And hey, it's fun to watch a guy try to figure out what the heck women are thinking, right?

(Fumbling with Fiction 20110117)

Fans of Bridget Jones's Diary and Chick-Lit will love the male insight from Edward's POV and the humor that comes along with it. They need to make of movie from this book! The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook would be a great Valentine's Day read. (The Book Vixen 20110129)

If you want to read a truly enjoyable, funny romantic comedy, The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook By Matt Dunn should be on your short list.

(Savvy Thinker 20110215)

A terrific romantic comedy... (Love Romance Passion 20110307)

The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook is hilarious! A very easy to read, comical story of Edward's self-inflicted tortures to get his girlfriend back...I laughed often and had a hard time putting this one down. After all that Edward put himself through, I absolutely loved the ending (and you may just be surprised)! (Dark Divas Review )

This book pretty much had me a fan from the first page. It's really nice to see a chick lit novel written from the guy's perspective...Single, dating, married, doesn't matter what stage of life you are in, this book is TONS of fun. HIGHLY recommended.

(Books, Movies and Chinese Food )

A great read from a man's prospective of a break-up. (Chick Lit Club )

About the Author

Matt Dunn has written about life, love, and relationships for the Times, Guardian, The Sun, and a number of magazines, including Company, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, and Scarlet. But he prefers writing novels for a living.