2044 The End Of Nations (Vol 1)-

  • Title: 2044 The End Of Nations (Vol 1)
  • Author:
  • Released: 0000-00-00
  • Language:
  • Pages: 51
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  • ASIN: B00A9N9D92


A mysterious but charismatic Tahitian man anchors his old ketch off an island paradise where a conference is being held on artificial photosynthesis. Inspired, he formulates a new democratic system and a method for converting to it. He believes that with the new system he can stop global warming and bring peace to the world. In fact he believes he can bring an end to all nations and unite humanity under a global parliament. Years later, he begins to achieve his aim by initiating the world's first online democracy in New Zealand. He is visited, however, by a US president and while both take a relaxing voyage in a luxury yacht to discuss the implications of the new democracy, the yacht is blown up. A reporter, working in an arm of the new democracy called 'The Witness', is given the job of monitoring the investigation into the supposed bombing. What he turns up induces him to break his pact to merely be an observer. pdf