• Title: ORGANIC CHEMISTRY FLASHCARDS NOTE CARDS / MCAT 101 (Updated 2013) (The Dean's Guide)
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  • Released: 0000-00-00
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  • Pages: 162
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  • ASIN: B00B76OYH6


*****This book is part of The Dean's Guide series including study guides on biology, chemistry, physics and organic chemistry!

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*A portion of the proceeds from each book will go to charity, sponsoring a less fortunate child!

*The author of the Dean's Guide to Organic Chemistry is a student himself, who has chosen to write a simplified version of organic chemistry that can be used for organic chemistry at any level; college and MCAT to use as a study aid for hard topics.

*The author uses simple real life examples and illustrations to allow students at any level to understand biology.

*We all know how hard biology can be, especially when you have to sit in auditorium of 300 students listening to someone who likes like they're the size of an ant. So why not purchase a simplified guide to Organic Chemistry, and learn Orgo easier.

*Understand these concepts in much less time than normal and go get that A!

The author is a self-described science enthusiast who believe the real problem with science today, is the complexity of the textbooks and teaching methods given to students. As a student himself, he has realized this through numerous high level science courses, and found out he could create a simplified study aide to organic chemistry that explains some of the hardest topics in very easy ways.

What the author has done, is thrown out all the unnecessary vocabulary, equations, etc., and created a book that is filled with exactly what you should know regarding organic chemistry through easy to understand examples and step by step solutions with the author's personal explanations. pdf