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And so Blanche and I turn often with an eager delight to these relations, feeling, as we read, that they are not mere pictures of fancy, but heavenly verities.
–T.S. Arthur in The Allen House.

The trivial and uncertain notions of the black boy who was the first to tell it, and by theatrical gestures to illustrate its verities, became more and more indistinct.
–E.J. Banfield in Tropic Days.

Intolerance arises above all from the indignation experienced by a mind which is convinced that it possesses the most dazzling verities against the men who deny those truths, and who are surely not acting in good faith.
–Gustave le Bon in The Psychology of Revolution.

When his emotional friends talk sentimentalism and call it literature, or his aesthetic acquaintances erect affectations and call them art, he has the proper word of irony that brings them back to food, money, and other verities.
–Harry Seidel Canby in Definitions: Essays in Contemporary Criticism.

Even if we ourselves have no view of the ultimate verities, we must feel that wherever such a view exists in a man it must be more important than anything else in him.
–G.K. Chesterton in The Innocence of Father Brown.

With all his gentleness, the boy seemed to have a precocious understanding of the verities, and the capacity for suffering which as a child I had possessed.
–Winston Churchill in A Far Country, vol 3.

Thus, she remained unsmirched, though well informed as to the verities of life.
–Marvin Dana in Within the Law.

In despair the young man loosed his hold on the hateful verities and slipped into slumber.
–Holman Day in When Egypt Went Broke.

But here in the United States, here in Chicago, the ethical verities would all, as he knew, be lined up against him.
–Theodore Dreiser in The Titan.

Giordano could not do himself justice as a composer without refining the expression of Caterina Huebscher, and so his Duchess of Dantzic talks a musical language at least which Sardou's washerwoman could not talk and remain within the dramatic verities.
–Henry Edward Krehbiel in A Second Book Of Operas.
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